Symphony Teams integration

The Symphony Teams integration allows users to start and join Microsoft Teams meetings in Symphony quickly and easily.


To use the Symphony Teams integration, you must install the Symphony Teams integration from the Symphony Marketplace. To access the Symphony Marketplace, from Symphony, select Marketplace (Figure 1):



Figure 1 Marketplace


Note: Your internal IT team may have already automatically installed the Symphony Teams integration for you.


Search for Teams and select the relevant result (Figure 2):



Figure 2 Search results


Note: The name of the integration is chosen by your internal IT team so it might be different from what is shown above.


Note: If the integration is not available, please contact your internal IT team.


Select Install (Figure 3):



Figure 3 Install


Once installed, the option to open and join a Symphony Teams meeting should be visible in all of your chat rooms (Figure 4):



Figure 4 Symphony Teams meeting


Note: If this button does not appear, you may not have a valid corporate Microsoft Teams license, or your Microsoft Teams email address cannot be matched with your Symphony email address. In this case, please contact your internal IT team.


Full details on the Symphony Teams integration can be found below:


Symphony Teams Integration User Guide

Symphony Teams Integration Installation Guide


If you require further assistance on the Symphony Teams integration, please contact the Symphony Support team at