Partner activation on Secure Event Service (SES)

Once the Secure Event Service (SES) Bridge is configured, it will automatically:

  • Request the partner public key for encrypting any form response payload back to the partner.
  • Subscribe to partner events on SES for each configured partner.

Note: The subscription will not be active until a Customer Symphony Admin enables it.


To receive and process events from a Partner application, the SES Bridge subscriptions must first be enabled via the SES Admin UI.


Note: If the SES Admin UI is not available in the Symphony Market application list, check with your internal IT team or Technical Account Manager (TAM) to see if you have the correct permissions to access this app.


To enable the SES Bridge subscriptions:

1. Install the SES extension application from the Symphony Marketplace and click Install (Figure 1 and Figure 2):



Figure 1 Search For Secure Events



Figure 2 Install


2. Open the SES application (Figure 3):



Figure 3 SES Application


3. Navigate to the Services tab, which displays one subscription per configured partner application (Figure 4):



Figure 4 Services


Note: Newly configured partner applications should appear as disabled in the Services tab.


4. Click on the pencil icon to edit and enable a subscription. After activation, the SES Bridge will start receiving and processing events from the corresponding partner application (Figure 5):



Figure 5 Edit a Subscription


5. Select the options the partner will be allowed to use, and select the Enable the service checkbox (Figure 6):



Figure 6 Enable the Service


6. Click Save.


7. Confirm the configuration by triggering an event from the partner application and checking that the room is created, or that a message is received. If that is not the case, check the history of events for that partner by clicking on the history icon and searching through the available events (Figure 7 and Figure 8):



Figure 7 History



Figure 8 History Details


Full details on SES can be found below:


SES Admin and Installation Guide

SES Developer Guide


If you require further assistance on partner activation on SES, please contact the Symphony Support team at