Symphony Groups limitations

When communicating with a Group, there are several limitations: 

  • The maximum number of users that can be in a Symphony Group is 100
  • Groups can only be added to existing internal or external private rooms. Groups cannot be added to direct chats, group chats, multilateral (multi-company) external chat rooms, or public chat rooms
  • You cannot add a Group while starting a new chat from the + button. The Group must be added to an existing room
  • When chatting with a Group, you cannot click a timestamp to view the message status
  • You can use Symphony Meetings in an internal room with a Group, but not in an external room
  • You cannot mention a Group or view the presence of a Group
  • Chat room owners cannot remove Groups from a chat room

When creating Groups, there are some limitations for a Symphony Admin:

  • The maximum number of Symphony Groups an Admin can create is 100
  • To create a Group, the environment must be v20.13.2+