How to transfer a bot between pods

Admin users have the ability to transfer a bot from one pod to another pod if for example, they have developed a bot in a test environment and then wish to move this bot to a live production environment.


Transfer a bot between pods using the following steps:


1. From the pod the user wishes to transfer the bot to, navigate to the Admin Portal and click Create an Account


2. Select the Service Account tab (Figure 1):



Figure 1 Service Account


3. Enter the same bot details and entitlements that were configured in the original pod


Note: Refer to the Knowledge Article found here on how to create a Service Account


4. From the newly created bot Service Account, copy the contents of the public key file from the original pod and paste it into the text bot under Authentication


Note: Further information can be found here 


Note: Should there be a need to use a new RSA key pair, the user can replace them in the bot's project directory. For both the Python and Java BDK, the path to the keys are rsa/privatekey.pem and /rsa/publickey.pem


Note: The user will need to rename the new keys to match the old key names


5. Navigate to the bot's configuration file (Figure 2):



Figure 2 Locations


6. Amend the relevant details to reflect the new pod


Note: Some pods may require more details should they have on-prem components, network or architectural differences. The user may need to consult with their pod administrator or internal IT team for some of the information


7. Confirm if the transfer has been successful by attempting to run the bot in the new pod 


If you require further assistance with a bot transfer, please contact the Symphony Support team at