How to perform a clean installation of the Symphony Desktop Application (SDA)

If there has been a need to uninstall the Symphony Desktop Application (SDA), it's best to perform what is known as a clean installation when attempting to use Symphony again.

A clean installation ensures that the previous installation is completely erased, including any of the previous installation files, such as a local configuration file or a cache file. If the previous version was encountering errors, they should no longer occur with a brand new clean installation.

To perform a clean installation of the SDA:

  1. Close all open instances of the SDA.
  2. Fully uninstall the SDA from your system using a tool such as Add or remove programs.



  1. Check for the existence of a Symphony folder in %appdata% and %localappdata% and, if it is present in either location, delete the Symphony folder.


  1. Run the SDA installer program of the desired version. 

You can download the latest SDA or choose to use SDA AutoUpdate.

  1. Open Symphony and confirm it is running normally.

If you require further assistance on performing a clean install of the SDA, please contact the Symphony Support team at