Create a group chat on WeChat Connect

To create a WeChat group:

  1. From Symphony, open the WeChat Connect extension application.

Note: If WeChat Connect is not available in the application list within Symphony Market, please check with your internal IT team to see if you have the correct permissions to access this app.

  1. Select the Rooms tab.

  1. Select New Room.

  1. Enter the name of the room you wish to create.


  • By default, the name of the user creating the room will be entered into the Internal members box. The user can remove themselves or add other users from your firm to this room.
  • External members are any WeChat contacts that the user has added to their contact list.
  1. Select Create.
  2. Confirm the room is available to use in the chat list.

Full details on WeChat Connect can be in the WeChat Federation Documentation.

If you require further assistance on WeChat Connect, please contact the Symphony Support team at