Cannot attach a file in an external room

A common reason a user cannot attach a file in an external room is that the user doesn't have the Can share files externally entitlement enabled.


Check if the user has this entitlement by following these steps:


1. In Symphony, click Settings in the upper right-hand corner, then click General (Figure 1):



 Figure 1 Settings/General


2. Click Go to AC Portal at the bottom of the screen (Figure 2):



Figure 2 Go To AC Portal
Note: Alternatively, go to as an administrator (where "companyabc" is the name of your pod)

3. Search for the user and under Entitlements, check if the Can share files externally entitlement is enabled (Figure 3):

Figure 3 Can Share Files Externally

4. If it is set to No, change this entitlement to Yes


5. Click Save


6. Return to Symphony and attempt to attach a file in an external room. This now should succeed (Figure 4):


Figure 4 Attach Button