Restricting communication within your pod

Restricting communication between select Symphony users within your pod can be achieved using Information Barriers (IB). In simple terms, IBs restrict certain people from communicating with one another when applied to groups within a policy.

Let's use an example of two IB groups. The first group (Group A) will contain the users that can only communicate with certain users. The second group will contain all internal users, except for those the restricted users need to communicate with (Group B).

This will block users from Group A from communicating with any internal users except those they need to speak to (Group B).


Note: Details of how to configure an IB can be found in the Admin Guide here 


For the example above, the following steps are required:


1. From the Admin Portal, enable IB by clicking Enable


2. Navigate to Group Management and click on Create an IB group


3. Create one group with the new users e.g. Group A


4. Create another group e.g. Group B, by adding all internal users excluding the certain users required for the new users to communicate with


5. Navigate to Policy Management and click on Create an IB Policy


6. In Group 1 select Group A and in Group 2, select Group B


7. To complete the IB Policy activation click on Create IB Policy


Some tasks can be executed via REST APIs. The most useful endpoints are listed below:


Note: By using the Add IB Group Members API, a user will be able to add all members to the all users group and thereafter remove the required certain users from it


To achieve the above, certain prerequisites are required:


1. Enable a new service account here 


2. Generate an RSA KeyPair and add the Public Key to the newly created service account here 


3. The Private Key when authenticating with the Service account


4. A Postman Collection containing all our REST API endpoints here


5. To add all users, the user will need to have a list of the active userIds on the pod here 


6. Format the userIds to be compatible with the input required to add users to the group in the Add IB Group Members API endpoint


If you have any questions or concerns about this feature, please contact Symphony Support at