FAQs for Symphony Meetings on-prem recording SIP Bridge

Below are some FAQs for the Symphony Meetings on-prem recording SIP Bridge:

Where are the logs?

The logs for the SIP Bridge are located in the /logs folder and Support will usually request the 2 log files below in the event of any issues with recording:

  • sip-bridge.log
  • smb.log

Is whitelisting part of the network requirements?

Whitelisting is required between the Recording Bridge and the Recorder. The user must ensure that the following traffic between the SIP Bridge and the Recorder is whitelisted:


  • tcp 5060-5061 (SIP traffic)
  • udp 10000-20000 (RTP media)

The user can change the UDP ports above to suit their internal network infrastructure. This setting can be changed in the application.properties file:


  • smb.udpPortRangeLow=10000
  • smb.udpPortRangeHigh=20000

Additionally, the user can change the default SIP port by changing:


  • #recording.sip.port=5061

Note: 10000-20000 is the default range if no setting is applied


How do I configure a proxy server?

The Recording Bridge supports access through a Proxy server. This can be configured in the application.properties file:


  • ### Proxy settings (OPTIONAL) ###
  • #sipbridge.proxy.host=fixme
  • #sipbridge.proxy.port=-1
  • #sipbridge.proxy.user=fixme
  • #sipbridge.proxy.password=fixme