Key Manager (KM) authentication error on Symphony Desktop Application (SDA) 9 or above

Certain network and virtual machine (VM) configurations can cause authentication errors with the Symphony Desktop Application (SDA) version 9 or above. One such error involves the network configuration that authenticates access to the Key Manager (KM) via the proxy. This error can cause the SDA to fail to access the following KM endpoint:

  • companyabcKMURL is the URL of your KM.

When accessing the endpoint fails, the SDA retries and appends a Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) token. This cycle is repeated until the requests are too long to be processed and thus fail to be authenticated.

This issue can be resolved by allowing access to the KM endpoint via the network proxy without authentication. This action should be performed by your internal IT team.

If the issue persists after you reopen Symphony, please contact Symphony Support at and inform them that you are experiencing issues with KM authentication.