Enabling key manager debug logging

Java Debugging allows capture of troubleshooting data and can be enabled via an edit to the log configuration and environment.sh files, as detailed below:

# cd /data/tomcat/config
# vi environment.sh

Next, add the below line to the environment.sh file:

- Djavax.net .debug=all \

Once completed, set level="DEBUG" as shown in /data/tomcat/config/log4j2.xml:

<AsyncRoot level="DEBUG">
 <AppenderRef ref="console"/>
 <AppenderRef ref="error-rolling-file"/>
 <AppenderRef ref="rolling-audit-file"/>
 <AppenderRef ref="rolling-file"/>
 <AppenderRef ref="rolling-file-onprem"/>

Finally, restart the key manager and reproduce any steps resulting in an issue.


The user will now be able to gather the environment.sh, keymanager_config.json, catalina.out and livecurrent.log files and send them to Symphony Support to assist with troubleshooting.