How to export an audit trail of Admin Portal changes

Changes made in the Admin Portal need to be saved for auditing purposes and to ensure accountability across the company.

To access this area of the Admin Portal, the Audit Trail Management role must be enabled in your pod environment.

This role can be assigned by a Super Administrator by following these steps:

  1. From the Admin Portal, select Browse Accounts then search for the account that will export the audit logs.

  1. Enable the Audit Trail Management role with the checkbox and select Save.

  1. Sign in to the account that is now enabled to export the audit trail and select Privileged Roles Log under Audit Trail.

Note: If Audit Trail Management is the only role an account is enabled for, it will automatically load that page.

  1. The user is required to set a date range and can optionally filter by role. Once the date range is set, download the audit trail by selecting Download.

Note: The downloaded audit trail will be a .csv file.

  1. The file will contain every change performed and by whom, alongside other metadata.
  2. Additionally, the user can find details of any users who have downloaded the Admin Portal audit trails via the Audit Trail tab.