Accessing the admin guide via the Admin Portal

Access the Admin Guide via the Admin Portal by following these steps:


1. In Symphony, click the Settings cog wheel and select the General tab (Figure 1 and Figure 2):
Figure 1 Settings
Figure 2 General
2. Click Admin Portal (Figure 3):
Figure 3 Admin Portal


Note: If this option is not available, you are not an administrator and therefore do not have access to the Admin Portal.


3. Click Begin Session (Figure 4):



Figure 4 Begin Session


4. Hover your mouse over the box where your name is displayed and click Help (Figure 5):



Figure 5 Help


5. A pop-up window from Symphony Docs will be displayed with the available versions of the Admin Guide (Figure 6):



Figure 6 Symphony Admin Guides


Note: Refer to the Knowledge Article found here for further information on accessing Symphony Docs.


6. Click on the desired version and download as required.