RTC issues in Google Chrome

If you experience disconnections while using RTC in Google Chrome, you will receive a 'Meeting Failed' message. This message means you are not able to join calls unless you quit and restart the Symphony client. This is caused by a bug that will be fixed in November 2020


The issue in Chrome causes RTC calls to break after a specific type of network change. This change happens more frequently for VPN users because these type of connections turn on and off, changing IP address very quickly upon reconnection.


To resolve this issue, follow one of two methods:


  • Close the affected tab and open a new tab with Symphony. Because each tab is sandboxed, there is no need to quit Chrome totally, however, the broken browser tab instance must be closed
  • Keep the affected browser tab open, but navigate to a completely different URL with a different domain, for example http://google.com and then navigate back to Symphony