Bypass the SSO login page in the Symphony Desktop Application (SDA)

If SSO is enabled at your company, each time you start the Symphony Desktop Application (SDA) you will be directed to a Sign in with SSO page (Figure 1):



Figure 1 Sign In With SSO

To allow users to bypass this page and sign directly into Symphony, follow these steps:


1. Close your existing SDA by clicking on the Hamburger menu, then Window and then Quit Symphony (Figure 2):



Figure 2 Quit Symphony


2. Navigate to C:\Program Files\Symphony\Symphony\config\ and open the Symphony file (Figure 3):



Figure 3 Symphony File


Note: You will need Administrator rights to edit this file. If you do not have rights, please speak to your internal IT team


3. Amend the URL parameter within the file to include /login/sso/initsso at the end of the URL (Figure 4 and Figure 5):


Figure 4 Original URL



Figure 5 New URL


Note: Where companyabc is the name of your pod


4. Save and close the file


5. Clear your cache. Refer to the Knowledge Article found here on how to do this


6. Restart your SDA and the SSO login page should now be bypassed, allowing users to sign directly into Symphony