Why do I see a blue banner saying to update my Desktop Application?

If you are running Symphony via the browser or an SDA version older than 9.0, you will see a blue banner that says, “You’re missing out on new features! Upgrade to the latest Symphony Desktop Application 9.0 – ask your Admin today.”


Symphony Classic and Symphony 2.0 will run on an older version of the SDA, but you will not have access to all the new Symphony 2.0 features, including:


  • saved layouts allows you to relaunch Symphony with the same popped-out chats arrangement on your desktop
  • a protocol handler provides support for opening chats and rooms via symphony:// links in external applications
  • newly designed desktop alerts along with a settings tab for customization per message type
  • screen capture, a one-click button in the chat text editor to capture screenshots
  • screen sharing is easier to use with a new red border and floating indicators to show you are sharing your screen.
  • a download manager allows you to download multiple attachments and manage them via a downloads bar
  • improved Symphony presence status, updated automatically according to desktop activity
  • badge count on the Symphony app icon consolidates the aggregate count of unread messages inside the app