What’s new in Symphony 2.0?

Symphony 2.0 has several new workflows and features including:

New Look and Feel, User Experience: Symphony 2.0 was redesigned with user experience research to ensure features are intuitive and interactions are simple but powerful.

Chat List Filters: Filters have been added to the chat list to allow you to view only specific types of messages. The filter is set to view all chats but a single click between filters can update your list to show you unread chats or chats you’re mentioned in.

Tabs and Grids: Symphony introduces the new experience of tabs. Similar to your internet browser, you can open multiple chats in tab to quickly switch between conversations.


Workspaces: Workspaces enable you to group and organize your conversations like never before.


Notification Center: The notification center provides a single place for you to stay up-to-date on all important alerts including @mentions, Meetings, connection requests, rooms you are added to, and more.


Quick Search: Use a single entry point for search - people, messages and conversations. As you start typing, results will be refined to a list of conversations that match your search criteria.


Advanced Search: If you cannot find what you are looking for from quick search, you can use advanced search to dive deeper using filters.


Easy Chat Creation: Chat creation is now a people-first experience, removing the need to decide if you need to create a direct chat or a chat room.


Group Chat: Symphony 2.0 also brings group chat, where you can chat with multiple users, add others, and maintain chat history.


Note, Symphony 2.0 is currently in beta with additional features coming soon. The optimal Symphony 2.0 experience can only be achieved through SDA 9+, which adds exclusive features to the new client:


  • saved layouts allows you to relaunch Symphony with the same popped-out chats arrangement on your desktop
  • a protocol handler provides support for opening chats and rooms via symphony:// links in external applications
  • newly designed desktop alerts along with a settings tab for customization per message type
  • screen capture, a one-click button in the chat text editor to capture screenshots, annotate them with a pen or highlight tool, and send to chat
  • screen sharing is easier to use with a new red border and floating indicators to show you are sharing your screen
  • a download manager allows you to download multiple attachments and manage them via a downloads bar
  • improved Symphony presence status, updated automatically according to desktop activity
  • badge count on the Symphony app icon consolidates the aggregate count of unread messages inside the app 
  • reply directly from desktop alerts and select where on your screen they appear

Symphony 2.0 will run on an older SDA but users will not access all the SDA features for 2.0 available only on SDA 9.0.0 and above.