Installing and configuring Maven on a Windows environment

Maven can be downloaded from the Apache Maven Downloads website here.

Note: Ensure Maven is downloaded only after the Java Development Kit (JDK) has been installed and configured. Refer to the Knowledge Article found here on how to install and configure Java Development Kit (JDK) for Windows

Download the Maven ZIP file and then extract the ZIP archive to a folder location of your choice.


When using Windows, parameters can be configured in the Environment Variables panel. Click on the Start button and type env to access this menu (Figure 1):


Figure 1 Environment Variables

Note: Environment variables can be set at the account level, or at the system level

In this example, click on Edit environment variables for your account and the following menu will be displayed (Figure 2):


Figure 2 Environment Variables Menu

Add the MAVEN_HOME and M2_HOME Environment Variables, followed by the M2_HOME and MAVEN_HOME variables to the Maven installation folder.

Note: Include the maven/bin directory in the PATH variable so Maven can run from a command-line tool


To test the above configuration has been entered correctly, open a command prompt from the Start button, type mvn -version and press Enter. This should display the results below (Figure 3):


Figure 3 Results

The install will now be complete.

If the install fails, please contact the Symphony Support team at and inform them that you are experiencing issues with a Maven install for Windows.