Symphony Desktop Application (SDA) cloud configuration

Cloud Configuration allows administrators to configure several Symphony Desktop Application (SDA) settings remotely via the Admin Portal for all pod users, or an individual user. Administrators no longer have to edit individual local files directly and can configure the SDA for their specific needs after deployment.


Note: Cloud configuration requires SDA 6.1.0 and pod version R20.3.1 (1.57)

In the Pod Level Entitlements section of the Admin Portal, the admin can enable settings that will apply to all users in the pod (Figure 1):



Figure 1 Pod Level Entitlements


Some features in the SDA Specific subsection have a drop down menu with 3 options (ENABLED,
DISABLED and NOT_SET) in the Setting column. An admin can enable/disable a feature for all users in the pod. Or, if NOT_SET is selected, users will be able to individually choose to enable/disable the feature as desired.


For example, an admin can either force the SDA to launch (or not launch) on startup for all users, or let users set this functionality for themselves. 

Note: When the value is NOT_SET on both levels of entitlement, users can override settings via the SDA menu


Note: If the value is ENABLED on the Admin Portal, then users won't be able to override the settings via the SDA menu

In the Feature Entitlements section of the Admin Portal, the admin can enable/disable some SDA features for the entire pod (Figure 2):


Figure 2 Pod Level Entitlements

If the feature is enabled in the Global Setting column on the Admin Portal, the admin is still permitted to turn it on/off on an individual user basis via the user’s profile in the Admin Portal.

However, if the feature is disabled in the Global Settings column, it will be disabled for all users in the pod. Any existing individual user settings within the Admin Portal will be ignored.