Symphony Desktop Application (SDA) feature entitlements

There are several Symphony Desktop Application (SDA) features that can be controlled via the Admin Portal as entitlements (Figure 1):


Feature_Entitlements_SDA_.png Figure 1 SDA Feature Entitlements

The feature entitlements that can be enabled are as follows:


Enable Developer Tools for SDA: Allows a user to open developer tools on SDA
Enable Media access on SDA: Allows a user to participate in Symphony Meetings calls by providing permissions to camera, microphone & screen-sharing
Enable location access on SDA: Allows SDA to get location of the user
Enable access to MIDI Sysex on SDA: Allows SDA to access MIDI on a user's desktop
Enable Pointer Lock on SDA: Allows SDA to have mouse lock
Enable Full screen access on SDA: Allows a user to allow full screen in certain situations like Symphony Meetings calls
Allow Opening External Apps from SDA: In case of downloads, allow SDA to open the file manager to open a downloaded file
Allow notifications on SDA: Allow users to receive new message notifications on SDA

Note: Enable location access on SDA, Enable access to MIDI Sysex on SDA and Enable Pointer Lock on SDA are not currently used anywhere in the SDA


Any changes to these feature entitlements will be updated in the SDA config file upon the next SDA login when any changes will take effect.