Enable/disable agent debug logs

If your Agent is on-prem and you require debug logs to troubleshoot an issue, you can enable them through a change in the startup.sh file of the Agent.


To enable debug logs, set the following parameter to enable DEBUG log level logging:


To enable the debug, add the parameter to the following line:

exec java $JAVA_OPTS -DlogLevel=DEBUG -jar $AGENT_EXECUTABLE --agent.config=$AGENT_CONFIG

Note: The parameter must come before -jar argument


To disable the debug log level logging, remove this parameter from the startup.sh file and ensure the line matches below:

exec java $JAVA_OPTS -jar $AGENT_EXECUTABLE --agent.config=$AGENT_CONFIG


Note: Enabling or disabling the debug log level will require you to restart the Agent for the change to take effect. Please check your internal restart process before proceeding with this change