Push signals

Signals can be 'pushed' to other users in the organization, meaning all users in the company can be automatically subscribed to (get alerts for) this signal and will not have an option to edit or unsubscribe.


The ability to push signals is an entitlement and can be enabled either for all users on the pod (Figure 1) or for specific users via the Admin Portal (Figure 2):


Figure 1 Pod-Level Can Create Push Signals


Figure 2 User-Level Can Create Push Signals

Once the user has the proper entitlement set, they will be able to create a new signal and push it to all users in the company. To create a new signal, click + in the top left of the screen and choose Signal (Figure 3):


Figure 3 Signal

Once the signal has been created, click Push (Figure 4):

Figure 4 Push

You can also create and push signals via API. Further information on this can be found below:

To prevent users from being able to create push signals, simply set the entitlement to Disabled at pod-level or No at user-level.