How to generate a batch password reset email

Occasionally an administrator may be asked to reset several passwords simultaneously. To perform this work in the most efficient way, the Bulk Manage Account functionality in the Admin Portal should be utilised.


Perform a bulk password reset by following the steps:


1. Navigate to Bulk Manage Accounts in the Admin Portal (Figure 1):



Figure 1 Bulk Manage Accounts


2. Click Download Template With User info and open the csv file inside (Figure 2):




Figure 2 Download Template With User info 


3. Specify the password field as SEND_EMAIL to trigger the password reset email in the csv file and upload it back to the portal


Note: You can also set the password field as SEND_EMAIL to trigger the password for account creation for new users


For users who use SSO, the password is linked to the local Active Directory account and the reset should reflect either via their SSO application or within Windows. Please check with your internal Windows administrator for further information on the password reset on SSO accounts.