Check and preview messageML using the presentationML live renderer tool

The PresentationML Live Renderer Tool was developed to enable users to view the rendered output of different messages and verify the message syntax is correct. It allows you to see your MessageML rendered in PresentationML or markdown (mobile) without coding.


With this preview, you can quickly test your MessageML v2 or EntityJSON. You can also test all Symphony Elements to see how your interactive message appears on Symphony (Figure 1 and Figure 2):



Figure 1 PresentationML Live Renderer Tool 1



Figure 2 PresentationML Live Renderer Tool 2


The tool has two main sections - the Input (Figure 1) and the Output (Figure 2). In this view, you can see the MessageML, the associated EntityJSON and the rendered message (Figure 2).


The elements of the user interface include:


  1. Select a Sample dropdown menu: Populates the MessageML and EntityJSON boxes with example MessageML content
  2. MessageML Input and EntityJSON Input boxes: Allows for entry of MessageML and EntityJSON
  3. Clear Inputs button: Clears the MessageML Input and EntityJSON Input fields
  4. Render button: Renders the message to the output boxes on the right side
  5. Live Preview box: Displays the fully formatted message as it appears to the user in Symphony
  6. Parsed Output section: Displays the parsed output corresponding to the input message
  7. PresentationML box: Displays the resulting PresentationML
  8. EntityJSON box: Displays the EntityJSON, if applicable
  9. Markdown box: Displays the message in Markdown format
  10. Clear Rendering button: Clears the windows in the Parsed Output section

Note: Users can access the PresentationML Live Renderer Tool here


Please refer to this article for further information.