Symphony memory leak issue in Windows 7

In Windows 7, you may experience memory leak in the Electron version of the Symphony Desktop Application (SDA) if the application is closed from Task Manager when Minimize on Close is enabled.


When Symphony is closed from the Task Manager, it leaves two processes of the platform running. These two processes will run orphaned from the main symphony.exe process and, over period of time, can lead to memory leak.


Windows 7 does not send a quit event but sends a close event instead, meaning when Minimize on Close is enabled, Symphony overrides that event by preventing the default close and the application does not fully quit.


As a result, when the Symphony application, or the Symphony.exe process is killed from Task Manager, it only closes the Symphony.exe process but leaves the renderer process orphaned.


Note: This behavior does not occur in Windows 10

To resolve this, disable the Minimize of Close option for Windows 7 deployment. Do this by setting the minimizeOnClose parameter in the Symphony.config file to false (Figure 1):



Figure 1 MinimizeOnClose Parameter