On-prem Media Bridge logs

If Media Bridge (MB) logs are requested by Symphony Support , please provide the latest mbr.log and jvb.log which are located in the /logs directory.

Alternatively, the MB also uses a manage.sh script. Two of the commands in that script are related to extracting logs - getlocallogs and getlogs:


  • getlocallogs: Extracts relevant log files to a tar file 
  • getlogs: Extracts relevant log files to a tar file from all specified hosts

These commands can be used to extract the most recent (non-rotated) logs from the MB, or a cluster of MBs (if a list of host names are specified).


Note: Both of these commands require Python 2.7 or higher


An example of the getlogs command is shown below:


./manage.sh getlogs --meeting-id KFKYLToH9DrMtWmZYDPcFX///pW14OnydA== 


To aid investigation of MB issues, collect these files, plus the Meeting ID and send the logs to the Symphony Support team at support@symphony.com


Note: If the files are too large to email, inform the Symphony Support team. They can arrange to receive it using a secure file transfer site, Filevault


Note: On cloud deployments are not covered in this article


In addition to the Media Bridge logs, refer to the Knowledge Article found here on how to capture RTC diagnostic logs.