How to capture electron logs

Capture Electron logs by following these steps:

1. Click on the Hamburger menu to display the application menu (Figure 1):


Figure 1 Hamburger Menu

Note: If you are not using the Hamburger menu, the application menu can be displayed by pressing the Alt button

2. Click on Show Logs in Explorer from the Troubleshooting menu in Help (Figure 2):


Figure 2 Show Logs In Explorer

3. A new folder will be generated containing all the log information

4. Navigate to your Downloads folder (Figure 3):


Figure 3 Downloads

5. Locate the folder containing the newly generated logs (Figure 4):


Figure 4 Logs

Note: Please ensure the most recent logs are selected

6. Send the Electron logs to the Symphony Support team at

Note: If the files are too large to email, inform the Symphony Support team. They can arrange to receive it using a secure file transfer site, Filevault