Symphony Desktop Application (SDA) spell check error

If the spell check functionality is not working as expected in the Symphony Desktop Application (SDA), the required dictionary may not be installed or could be corrupted.

To verify that the correct dictionary is installed and is not corrupted:

  1. Navigate to the following URL, where John.Smith is the username.
  1. Confirm a file named en-US.bdic with a size of 436kb is visible.

If the file is present but the size is different, it may be corrupted. To rectify this, delete the file and restart the SDA. The file will be downloaded again in the same folder and the dictionary should now function as expected.

  1. Additionally, verify that the following URL is not blocked:

If the URL is blocked, please contact your internal IT team and ask them to enable it.
Once the dictionary is verified and the URL in step 3 is enabled, the SDA spell check tool should work correctly. 

  1. Check the language options configured on your machine to ensure it matches with the dictionary.