View externally engaged users in Symphony Analytics

If you or your users wish to view analytics around Symphony connections with external users, use the Symphony Analytics application.


First, ensure the Premium Plus version of the Symphony Analytics application is installed from the Symphony Market - your Solution Architect can provide you with your current subscription information (Standard, Premium or Premium Plus).


Note: Contact the Symphony Support team if you do not know who your Solution Architect is


Open the application and navigate to the User Lookup (PII) page which lists Externally Engaged Users by Destination. This will display any person (or bot) who is sending cross pod messages and where they are sending those messages​.

If, for example, you wish to only view bot connections, you can filter the sendertype by SERVICE_USER (Figure 1):


Figure 1 Externally Engaged Users By Destination


Once the filter is applied, all bot connections will be displayed and can be exported if necessary.