Installing Symphony on a shared machine

Note: This can only be performed by users with administrator access.

If required, multiple users can access Symphony from a single shared machine.
1. After downloading the Symphony Desktop Application (SDA), ensure the installation type selected is For all users (admin required) and click Install (Figure 1):
 Figure 1 Thanks for downloading Symphony
2. Follow the on screen installation prompts (Figure 2):
Figure 2 Installing Symphony

3. When the installation has completed, enter the credentials of the pod you wish to sign in to and click Continue (Figure 3):

Figure 3 Pod URL

Note: Where companyabc is the name of your pod.

Note: Only select SSO if your Symphony pod has been configured for SSO. If in doubt, do not select this option and contact your Symphony administrator.

4. The SDA should now load and prompt you to sign in.

5. Sign in with one set of credentials and confirm Symphony is working correctly.

6. Sign out of Symphony and attempt to sign in again with a different set of credentials.

7. Confirm Symphony is working correctly for the second user.

If these tests fail, please contact the Symphony Support team at and inform them that you are experiencing issues with multiple users accessing Symphony from a shared machine.