How to configure the Thomson Reuters (Refinitiv) Eikon client application

Symphony can work in conjunction with other applications to provide added value to our clients. One of these applications is the Thomson Reuters (Refinitiv) Eikon Client which provides a set of financial analysis tools.


Configure the Thomson Reuters (Refinitiv) Eikon Client by following these steps:


1. Log into your Symphony pod


2. Download and install the Thomson Reuters (Refinitiv) Eikon Client


3. Either log into your existing Eikon account, or create a new account and then login


4. Complete the Eikon client installation


5. Launch the Eikon application


6. At this stage, it is important to verify that Symphony and Eikon are both connected to allow interaction between the two applications. To do this from Eikon, navigate to Settings (Figure 1):



Figure 1 Settings

7.  Click External Apps (Figure 2):



Figure 2 External Apps

8. Verify the Symphony connection is green and the Allow this app to open new windows in Eikon and send/receive information from Eikon apps check box is selected (Figure 3):



Figure 3 Symphony Connection


Note: If the connection is not green, refresh Symphony until the connection is verified. If the connection does not turn green after a refresh, check the install of the Thomson Reuters (Refinitiv) Eikon Client was completed successfully


9. To test connectivity between the two applications, open a Workspace from the Templates menu (Figure 4):



Figure 4 Getting Started - Economics


10. Right click on an object and click Share followed by Share via Symphony... (Figure 5):



Figure 5 Share Via Symphony...


11. Navigate to Symphony where the shared object should be displayed. Add recipients and a message if required and click Send (Figure 6):



Figure 6 Send

12. The shared Eikon object will be displayed in the Symphony conversation and if the chat participant is also an Eikon user, they will be able to open the object in the Eikon application if desired (Figure 7):



Figure 7 Shared Object