Following topics and people

Follow key colleagues

Follow colleagues to get updates whenever they post to their wall. Tap on the profile picture of the person you want to follow, and tap + by their profile picture (Figure 1):


Figure 1 Follow

It will turn into a green check mark when you start following them (Figure 2):


Figure 2 Followed

Tap again to unfollow them (indicated by the +).


Your profile

Tap Settings in the bottom right and then tap your name to access your profile (Figure 3):


Figure 3 Profile

Change your profile picture, see your contact information, followers, following, wall posts, signals, and rooms.


Update your profile picture

Tap Settings in the bottom right and then tap your name to access your profile. Update your profile picture by tapping your avatar or current picture, and selecting Change Photo (Figure 4):


Figure 4 Change Photo

Upload and crop your picture as desired, then tap Choose.


Wall posts

Post to your wall to keep colleagues up-to-date. Tap + in the top right and select Write Post. Write your message, then tap Publish (Figure 5):


Figure 5 Publish

Anyone who follows you or views your profile can see your wall. Tap Settings in the bottom right, then tap your name to access your profile and wall (Figure 6):


Figure 6 Profile

You can delete or like your posts, and delete, like, or share posts from your colleagues on their walls.


#Hashtags and $cashtags

#Hashtags and $cashtags are powerful ways to stay on top of trends or news. #Hashtags begin with the # symbol followed by a word or words, such as #oilandgas. $Cashtags are ticker symbols preceded by the $ sign, such as $XOM (Figure 7):


Figure 7 Hashtags And Cashtags


Create signals

A signal is an automatic content feed you set up to track specific people, #hashtags, or $cashtags. To create a new signal, tap Signals in the bottom menu, and then tap + in the top right of thescreen (Figure 8):


Figure 8 Create Signal

Name your signal, and add the people and keywords you wish to track.

Press Create and any time these keywords are used in chat, you’ll receive a notification under Signals (Figure 9):


Figure 9 Signals

Tap on the post to navigate to the original message where the keyword was posted.