Create a room

Tap + in the top right of the screen and select New Room (Figure 1):


Figure 1 New Room

Enter the chat room information, including a Room Name, Room details and Members. Tap Start in the top right of the screen to start the new chat room. 

Create a chat with one or more members

Tap + in the top right of the screen and select New Chat (Figure 2): 


Figure 2 New Chat

Type the name of the person you want to chat with then tap on their name. Repeat this step to add more people. Type your message and press Start to send.

Join a chat room

Search for a room to join by tapping on the magnifying glass in the top right of the screen to access the Search bar (Figure 3):


Figure 3 Search

Type the name of a chat room you’re looking for. If the room is public, tap the name to join it. If the room is private, tap Request Access to send a request to the room owner and wait for this to be approved.

Note: Some rooms are not visible in search results.

Chat Details

To view information about a chat, open the menu in the top right of the chat. Tap Who's here to view all room members and their roles, Attachments to see any files sent in the room and Room to see the permissions/settings of the room, or leave it (Figure 4, Figure 5 and Figure 6):


Figure 4 Who's here


Figure 5 Attachments


Figure 6 Room

Note: A user cannot leave a room if they are the only chat room owner. Another user must be promoted to an owner before they can be removed.

Add members to existing chats

To add people to a chat room, in menu in the top right of the room, tap Add and select the members to be added (Figure 7):


Figure 7 Add

Note: Depending on the room preferences, only room owners may be able to add members.

Note: Owners are always at listed at the top of the members list.

Tap Add to add the member(s) to the chat.

Update chat room owners

Chat room owners can make other room members an owner, or remove them as an owner. To promote or demote a room member, tap on the member’s name in the Chat Details and make the desired selection (Figure 8 and Figure 9):


Figure 8 Make an owner


Figure 9 Demote

Deactivate a chat room

To deactivate a chat room, tap the menu in the top right, tap Room, then Deactivate (Figure 10):


Figure 10 Deactivate

Send files

Send a file by tapping the paperclip, selecting the desired file and pressing send (Figure 11):


Figure 11 Send file

Note: To remove a file from the message, tap the x in the top right hand corner of the attachment.

Message actions

To access the message actions menu, long press the message you want to see info on, copy, forward, reply or save and select the desired action from the menu (Figure 12):


Figure 12 Message actions

Full details on the mobile app can be found below:

Mobile Release Notes

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