Set available user features

When you first set up Symphony, several features are activated by default. New accounts can automatically share files internally, communicate and share files externally, create public rooms, and change their profile photos.

To view a user’s entitlements, go to Browse Accounts, select a user, and view the activated features on their account. You can modify these entitlements on a per-user basis, or set company-wide entitlements by going to Edit Entitlements under Company Settings. Learn more about company-wide entitlements.

Note: Mobile entitlements can be set as well via Edit Entitlements under Company Settings. Check the box enabling mobile policy entitlements, and check the features you want like to allow (e.g., file sharing, copy and paste rights, etc.). If you’re using an external MDM/EMM solution, do not check this box and instead manage features through your external solution.