Start a chat with one or more members

Quickly and easily create a direct chat or group chat by clicking the the + in the upper left of your platform (figure 1):



Figure 1 Click Create to start a new chat


Add the person or people you want to chat with and click Create Chat (figure 2).



Figure 2 Add members and click Create Chat 


Whether you create a direct chat with one person or a group chat with multiple people, you can add members to the chat at any time. Your chat history is maintained. This way, your chats evolve seamlessly as projects mature (figure 3).



Figure 3 Add members to a group chat and maintain chat history


Add a name to your group chat at any time by clicking the pencil icon in the chat header. This converts the group chat into a chat room with settings you can manage in chat details (figure 4).



Figure 4 Name a group chat to convert it into a chat room


Note: Converting to a group chat with maintained history is only available on Symphony 2.0.