Symphony tags

Symphony #tags are powerful ways to stay on top of trends or news.

Free text #hashtags begin with the # symbol followed by a word or words, such as #oilandgas, while Enhanced tags allow for the selection of financial instruments from a curated list and are preceded by a specific icon (Figure 1):

Figure 1 Enhanced tags

Note: Enhanced tags are currently in the process of being rolled out to all Symphony instances.

Hover over a tag to leverage market data from an application and choose whether to Follow or Unfollow it (Figure 2):

Figure 2 Follow

All tags can be viewed and managed from the Manage menu in the Signals and Tags section (Figure 3):

Figure 3 Manage

Once your tags are displayed, you can select the three dot menu and then choose whether to edit or remove it (Figure 4):

Screen Shot 2023-08-17 at 07.20.41.png

Figure 4 Edit, Remove

Note: You can only edit or remove your own tags. You can unfollow tags created by others.

Enhanced tags enable you to tag financial instruments and provide more information than the legacy $cashtag. Type # followed by a word or words to display both the Hashtags and Instruments results list above the message field (Figure 5):

  • Hashtags: Regular hashtags previously seen or typed.
  • Instruments: Stocks, ADRs, ETFs and indices.


Figure 5 Hashtags and Instruments

Note: Use the Escape key to close the menu and the Tab key to select an instrument.

You can select the tag you’d like to include or type your tag directly to find more detailed information such as the company’s name, identifiers, exchange, and currency (Figure 6):


Figure 6 Enhanced tags

Note: Enhanced tags are replacing legacy cashtags, however they preserve backward compatibility with existing signals.

Note: As Enhanced tags include a space, adding a space after your tag will no longer turn your text into a tag. You must type your tag and then use the Enter or Tab key after your text to do so.

You can search by ticker symbol, name, ISINs and other identifiers plus select the precise
financial instrument to amplify the message and reduce operational risk in workflows. Alternatively, you can continue using regular free text hashtags.

You can follow an instrument to receive notifications. Tagging instruments triggers notifications, ensuring the message gets the attention it needs from the targeted users.

Note: Like existing signals and tags, you will only receive notifications from chat rooms you have access to.