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What are instant message chats?

The default type when starting a chat is an Instant Message (IM). This video will show you how to create both one to one IMs and multi-party IMs:


The process for creating these is the same:

  • Start typing names into the Participants field. As you type, Symphony will display a list of corresponding names. Select the one you want to add.


  • Type additional names in the search field to add additional members.


  • Click Start and your new IM chat item will be listed in the left Nav. and the chat will appear.


The chat has persistence in that it lasts beyond the duration of its first creation and it, along with its content, can be recalled at the click of a button. Your chats will be listed in the order in which they were added to Symphony with the oldest messages displayed at the top. While you’re scrolling back through content, click on the date displayed at the start of each day to collapse it – in the example below, Friday 1-May-2015 is collapsed.


To communicate, enter your message into the input panel at the bottom of the window where it says Compose a message. You will note the list of participants is displayed at the top of the panel. 


A multi-party IM with three participants in the IM will be displayed as follows:

New messages will be highlighted with a notification against each item with unread messages in your left Nav. To read any of these, click on the corresponding names.

Note: Once you have “seen” content this fact is logged by the system and may be used as part of a compliance audit. 

Read messages: If you receive a large number of messages, you can configure Symphony to move older messages downwards in the left Nav. so that the latest content always appears at the top. Select the settings gear icon (top right) and under the General tab, choose Move most recent chats to the top under Chat Preferences.

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