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How do I create a Signal?

  • To create your own Signal, click Signal in the banner.
  • The Create Signal window will appear.

  • Enter your name and tags (rules) which will be your filters. In the example below the user has added $cashtags: XOM. CVX and VLO, the #hashtag: OilAndGas and the User: @Paul Teyssier. You can edit these after publishing.
  • Choose the Match setting you desire: Any Tag means that if any of the rules matches you will receive the information (and an alert if that has been activated). All Tags means every rule would have to be present for you to receive the item.
  • Select the Visibility option to make this Signal visible in your profile,
  • Press Publish to validate. The Signal will then appear on your left Nav.


  • The window below shows how the content for the Oil and Gas Signal would be displayed:

  • To modify settings select (…) located at the top right corner when displaying your Signal:


  • Set up Signal alerts so you can see when new information gets posted. Open the Signal and select (…) located in the top right corner of the module. Then select Preferences.


Watch this video for a quick reference on creating a Signal:


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