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What are handles?

Symphony Chats can be enriched through handles or tags so that related information can be easily displayed in keyword alerts, searches and filters. The following options are available:

#hastags: Used to track a specific topic of interest, e.g. #Oil_and_Gas

$cashtags: Used to denote a ticker symbol, e.g. $XOM

@mentions: an individual user, e.g. @Russ

This video illustrates how to leverage #hashtags and $cashtags to organize content and track news within Symphony.

When chatting and using tags, you will be prompted with recently entered tags matching the letters you enter.  The space character denotes the end of a tag. 

The Following option in the left Nav. alerts you to see Posts by people you follow in Public and Private Rooms, as well as the IMs you participate in. This helps you to focus only on what is relevant to you. 

You can also proactively display information based on handles. Use the Signals option in the left Nav. to create filters that display relevant content for the keywords you want to track:


Another useful feature is the keyword mouseover menu. Simply move your mouse to a handle you see in a conversation and the menu will be displayed as shown below:

You can then add the keyword to an existing Signal, create a new Signal containing this keyword or see Posts that use this keyword.

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