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How can I search within Symphony?

The search bar is at the top of Symphony. Enter a term and Symphony will search through its history of content. When you first click in the search field, Symphony will display your most frequent contacts and your recent searches; that way you can click directly to avoid having to type in your search criteria.

This video teaches you how to use Symphony’s basic and advanced search capabilities:


Your results will be automatically grouped as follows:

  • People
  • Rooms
  • Messages
  • Posts

In the example below, matches for the beginning of the user Bindu surfaces prepopulated search results:

When you press enter, your results as well as additional search options to fine-tune your search by People, Messages, Posts and Rooms will be displayed.

More options are available depending on the results tab being displayed. For example when you select Messages, and then More Options, you can see additional choices:

You can also add start and end dates for your searches using Advanced Search.


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