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How can I create a Symphony alias?

In some cases, you’ll want to create an alias to refer to a specific user. This may be to help differentiate between users with similar names, to identify employers, or because you use a shortened form of a person’s name. 

To set your alias, click on the other person’s name to display their profile and then select their name again from their profile page. You’ll be presented with the alias field for this user. Type in the desired alias and optionally select a color for their alerts.

If you were already chatting with this person, you will see that your new alias settings are immediately applied. For example, the user’s display name in the left Nav. will be replaced with your new alias setting. Note: This has no effect on the way other users see this person within Symphony.

This video will explain how to assign aliases to the users you chat with most:


Once your aliases are set up, you can then search based on both the alias or the original username. See below:

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