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How do I get started with Symphony for Enterprise or Business?

These instructions apply to employees at organizations who are using Symphony for Business or Enterprise.  In order to get started with Symphony, you’ll need to:

  • Install one of the browser versions listed above or Install the Desktop Client for Windows (see instructions below) – Your IT manager may have provided separate instructions. If that’s the case, please follow these.
  • Locate the email from Symphony containing your username and a link to set your Symphony password. Set your password according to the rules specified.


  • Locate the email containing your Symphony username and the password you received from your Symphony administrator. The password may have been given to you in person, by separate email, or in a text message.


Note: In both cases, there will also be a link to the Symphony login.

  • Launch Symphony: The email in Step 2 will direct you to the Symphony login page via a link —click on the link.
  • Enter the user name and password (set up) you located in Step 2 above and click Sign in.

You are now ready to use Symphony!

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