Timezone differences in Symphony

When daylight saving settings are changed, users might report differences of the time displayed on their machine and the time displayed in Symphony. Usually this is caused by incorrect details in the Windows settings. 

Users can refer to the Date & Time settings to confirm the details Windows is using (Figure 1):

Figure 1 Date & Time

Inside Symphony, users can also check the time zone and UTC to confirm the time zone is correct by following these steps:

1. Open Developer Tools by pressing ctrl + shift + i or via the Toggle Developer Tools option under Troubleshooting from the Hamburger menu.

2. Navigate to Console and enter the following command to confirm the time zone is correct (Figure 1):


Figure 1 Command

3. Additionally, run the following command to confirm the offset, as sometimes the offset might be the difference introduced by daylight saving, for example UTC+9 in Japan is 9*60 minutes, therefore 540 minutes advance of UTC, hence local time is - 540 minutes of UTC and the value is 540 (Figure 2 and Figure 3):

console.log(d = new Date().getTimezoneOffset());

Figure 2 Command

Figure 3 Command