Creating a Box-On button

To create a Box-On button, you must initiate an outgoing Cloud Dial Tone call. Initiating a call can occur via the Dial Pad/Line Appearance, or Speed Dial.

Via Dial Pad

To create a Box-On button from the Dial Pad, you can either select a Line Appearance or the Dial Pad icon in the Call Well menu to open the Dial Pad from where you can enter the far-end number (Figure 1 and Figure 2):

Figure 1 Call Well's Dial Pad with Box-On button

Figure 2 Box-On modal 

1. Select a Line Appearance or click on the Dial Pad icon in the call well.

2. Enter your contact’s number.

3. Select the Box-On button.

4. Name the Box-On button in the Button Label field.

5. Select the page you want to add the temporary button to.

6. Select Submit (Figure 3):

Figure 3 Box-On added to button layout

Note: After selecting Submit, your call is immediately initiated.

7. When the far-end user picks up your call, the Box-On button appears on the button page you selected. While the call is active, the button remains in a blue idle state and you must push-to-talk to
engage the far end.

Speed Dial

You can create a Box-On button from a Speed Dial in 2 ways:

  • Via the context menu by selecting the Pin button.
  • You can enable Box-On in the Speed Dial Advanced Settings to always initiate Box-On calls.

Pin button

1. Open the right-click menu of a Speed Dial button.

2. Select the Pin button in the top right corner to initiate the call and create a Box-On button (Figure 4):

Figure 4 Pin

Speed Dial Advanced Settings

1. Open the right-click menu of a Speed Dial button.

2. Select Advanced Settings.

3. Enable Box-On.

4. The Speed Dial now displays the MIC as the default device and the Box-On indicator on the button (Figure 5):

Figure 5 Speed Dial

Note: Initiating a Box-On call via a Speed Dial button skips the step of having to specify a button label and page position as the Box-On button inherits both the Speed Dial’s button label and position.

Speed Dial from the Call Well

Additionally, you can start a Box-On enabled Speed Dial call from the Call Well and view which lines are already connected (Figure 6):

Figure 6 Call Well Box-On

Full details on Box-On can be found below:

Box-On Starter Guide

If you require further assistance on Box-On, please contact the C9 Support team at