SMS Direct Second number solution

Remote working has led to multiple compliance blind spots from increased employee use of unauthorized communication channels, such as taking business work phone calls on their personal mobile device.

With SMS Direct, the Symphony mobile, web and desktop apps enable record-keeping of SMS and voice communications, delivering a high impact channel without sacrificing compliance. Symphony’s solution for compliance-enabling SMS and voice communications is available in two solutions, one of which is our Second number solution.

The Second number solution is an individually allocated and permanent business phone number assigned to users with which they can send and receive SMS messages to and from, plus make and receive phone calls which will be captured, recorded, and pushed to customers' archiving platform of choice.

The Second number solution uses internet (data/WIFI) calling to allow users to send and receive SMS text messages using an individually allocated second phone number to be specifically used for business purposes.

Symphony users can send and receive SMS messages to their counterparties from this permanently assigned phone number. All SMS messages and voice calls received and sent on the second number are recorded and captured by Symphony.

Some key points on our Second number solution are:

  • Second number solutions are not connected to a specific mobile carrier and operate using data/WIFI from the users mobile contract.
  • Umony interfaces to telecoms carrier partners leveraging a premier global telecoms network that provides the connectivity to most of the worlds internet telephony services.
  • Umony can procure phone numbers in a wide range of countries with number ranges available from local, national, mobile or toll free numbers. Additional countries may be available on request via dedicated partner channels, but this would be subject to a regulatory review before being made available.

Note: The availability of these numbers and the supported capabilities may be limited to local telephony regulations and infrastructure capabilities.

Our other SMS Direct offering is the SMS Direct In-network solution.

Full details on SMS Direct can be found in the SMS Direct Admin Guide.

If you require further assistance on SMS Direct, please contact the Symphony Support team at