Embedded Collaboration Platform (ECP) for external applications

Embedded Collaboration Platform also allows you to embed Symphony within your applications which are used not just by users from your company, but also users from external companies to provide full collaboration capabilities.

Your users can collaborate with over half a million users across thousands of institutions on the Symphony network without leaving your platform. This allows you to add Symphony's secure and compliant chat capabilities to your application, unlocking instant external connectivity and workflow efficiency.

Using Symphony ECP, you can allow your application users who are already part of Symphony to login to their existing Symphony account:

  • All the chats that happen on your application are logged and are provided as part of the content export to the users' respective Symphony organizations.
  • All the conversations are also accessible to the user through the Symphony Desktop Application (SDA), web and mobile applications.

If a user of your application is not already part of Symphony, you can create accounts for them inSymphony thereby enabling them to use Symphony from your application to collaborate.

Additionally, you can also enable them to single sign-on (SSO) to Symphony if your application can act as an identity provider using the Open ID connect (OIDC) or SAML protocols.

Full details on ECP can be found below:

Embedded Collaboration Platform (ECP) Admin Guide

If you require further assistance on ECP, please contact the Symphony Support team at support@symphony.com