Embedded Collaboration Platform (ECP) modes

Two modes of embedding the Symphony Embedded Collaboration Platform (ECP) chat are available:

  • Focus mode.
  • Full Collaboration mode.

Focus mode

Collaborate via chat on a tasks within your platform by creating or opening an associated Symphony chat room. Multiple ECP windows can be rendered in order to display multiple Symphony chat rooms simultaenously.

The Focus mode is compatible with all Symphony room types - internal, external, federated (for example, WhatsApp), direct messages, group chats and rooms. It also allows you to use Symphony extension applications that run inside the rooms or standalone in their own view.

Full Collaboration mode

Full Collaboration modes allows users to benefit from the full Symphony experience, including:

  • Navigation pane: Search users and groups and create chat rooms, navigate betweenany rooms, organize your rooms in tabs and folders.
  • Signals: Receive alerts for messages corresponding to your favorite tags.
  • Bookmarks: Save messages to action later.
  • Connection requests: Manage your outgoing and incoming invitations.
  • Apps: Open and be alerted by applications that run within Symphony.

Full details on ECP can be found below:

Embedded Collaboration Platform (ECP) Admin Guide

If you require further assistance on ECP, please contact the Symphony Support team at support@symphony.com