What is Embedded Collaboration Platform (ECP)?

The Symphony Embedded Collaboration Platform (ECP) allows you to embed Symphony chats in your applications and portals. ECP can be used with users in your firm, as well as with users external to your firm (Figure 1):

Figure 1 ECP

ECP allows you to embed the chat module in any website or tool that supports webview. The ECP SDK allows extensive customization and provides APIs to display chats, create rooms, open a Symphony extension application and register for notifications.

It enables you to open multiple chat widgets without having to reload the full Symphony ECP for each widget. It also overcomes identity provider restrictions on logging in with an iFrame by allowing users to login to ECP in a pop-up window.

Full details on ECP can be found below:

Embedded Collaboration Platform (ECP) Admin Guide

If you require further assistance on ECP, please contact the Symphony Support team at support@symphony.com