SMS Direct In-network solution

Remote working has led to multiple compliance blind spots from increased employee use of unauthorized communication channels, such as taking business work phone calls on their personal mobile device.

With SMS DirectSymphony enables record-keeping of SMS and voice communications, delivering a high impact channel without sacrificing compliance. Symphony’s solution for compliance-enabling SMS and voice communications is available in 2 solutions, one of which is our In-network solution.

The In-network solution allows you to capture SMS and voice calls in real time at the carrier level, complemented by a software based applicational level solution (Symphony for SMS and Umony for voice), and push voice recordings directly into customers' archiving platform of choice. The In-network solution relies on a deep integration with the mobile carrier that Umony has implemented. 

In-network users can use the native SMS client and telephone dialer on their Android or iOS devices to capture SMS/MMS text messages and voice calls in real time from the network. SMS/MMS text messages are mirrored into Symphony chat rooms, with the voice recordings being directly sent into your audio archive system, for example NICE, Verint and Global Relay.

In addition, the solution allows for users to send and receive SMS from within the Symphony desktop application (SDA) and Android and iOS mobile apps.

To benefit from in-network compliance-enabling SMS and voice recording, customers must have mobile subscriptions with partner mobile carriers. This involves either subscribing for new SIM numbers or transferring existing mobile contracts to the partner. Once the partner carrier has set up a user’s number, the solution will automatically capture all SMS and voice traffic to and from the mobile phone. Currently, the in-network solution is available from:

  • EE (British Telecom) in the UK.
  • Orange (France Telecom) in France.

Note: The availability of Orange in France is currently in progress.

Target integrations are in progress in the following countries: 

  • USA.
  • Canada.
  • Germany.
  • Singapore.
  • Australia.

Note: For further information on when these target integrations are finalized, please contact the Symphony Support team at

You can find further information on our other SMS Direct offering in the SMS Direct Second number solution.

Full details on SMS Direct can be found in the SMS Direct Admin Guide.

If you require further assistance on SMS Direct, please contact the Symphony Support team at