What is a Watchlist?

Rather than have a list of tens or hundreds of companies in your portfolio, each user can create multiple portfolios within their Insights Platform profile called a Watchlist.

The Watchlist works the same way as the current portfolio system. You can import a list of tickers either from Bloomberg Terminal or as a .csv file.

If you are new to the Insights Platform, this is the screen you will see upon signing in for the first time.

You can import a portfolio or search for companies by selecting Create Watchlist.

If you have an existing portfolio, it will automatically be displayed.

Creating additional Watchlists is the best option if you want to monitor companies in different sectors or want only a limited number of companies in each Watchlist. As you continue to create more Watchlists, they will display as a list.

Once in a Watchlist, you can go back to your main list by selecting Watchlist.